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MI Authorities Employ New DNA Analysis Software

Check out my recent reporting for a local NPR station WKAR. This work was supported in part by Science and Society at State.

How a small town trash fire led to a different kind of mining in coal country

Check out slides from a public presentation for Biology on Tap in East Lansing, MI.

The Effects of Underground Fire on Bacterial Resistance

Here's a student highlight I did for the Institute for Cyber Enabled Research at Michigan State University.

Microbes at 53-year-old coal mine fire could fight pollution

In this video feature, I presented early ideas in my research for Great Lakes Echo.

RLadies East Lansing

I gave a quick presentation at an RLadies event which promotes women who code in R! I talked about using the R package ggpubr to make publication quality figures. If you are interested in RLadies events, be sure to check out!

MSU Science Festival

The Shade Lab had a booth for the MSU Science Festival titled “Delicious Microbes!” We had several fun activities to teach kids about how microbes are involved in food such as yogurt, sourdough bread, kimchi, and much more!


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