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I created a tutorial for the new modular bioinformatics program in the department of Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering. To accompany the tutorial and improve learning outcomes, I also provided a pre-recorded a lecture with powerpoint slides.

EDAMAME workshop

I taught and coordinated a computational workshop in microbial ecology. I supported the course through applicant review, logistics organization, website upkeep, and instructing. EDAMAME is dedicated to open source science and reproducibility, so we provide all of our tutorials for free GitHub.


I mentored Susannah Yeh, a computer science major at the University of Maryland. Together, we worked on automating bioinformatics pipelines to assemble arsenic resistance genes from metagenomic data. Susanna applied her skills to an internship at Harvard Medical School in 2018 and is now applyng to dental school.

Mentor - MSU Undergraduate

I mentored a senior undergraduate student from Michigan State University, Justine Miller. We worked on characterizing arsenic resistant bacteria cultured from Centralia, PA soils, the site of an underground coal mine fire. Justine is now interested in applying her microbiology skills at veternary school.

Introductory Laboratory for Microbiology

Here's a student highlight I did for the Institute for Cyber Enabled Research at Michigan State University.

Laboratory in Genomics and Molecular Genetics

In this video feature, I presented early ideas in my research for Great Lakes Echo.


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